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How Our Founder Overcame Hardship to Dedicate Her Life to Others

   Elaine Anderson is the founder of Hands Holding Me Global Foundation Corp. She defied the odds laid out for her. As a child, Elaine faced unspeakable hardships and at just 16 years old became an emancipated minor. Elaine had to raise and provide for herself. She was forced to seek emergency refuge, at the New York foundling in Manhattan, which is a safe haven for pregnant teens and teenage mothers. The institution was governed by Nuns. (Remembering, Sister Mary DeSels) With a desire to help others being the cornerstone of Elaine’s life, she successfully put herself through Nursing School, and became a registered nurse, and has gone on to have an immensely fulfilling career.


   Despite an astonishingly hard start to life, she is adamant that she wouldn’t change anything because in 2012, she became a member of Perfecting Faith Church, in Freeport New York, and experienced a profound, overwhelming spiritual awakening, and breakthrough. She has an unshakable belief that it’s a direct result of the powerful sound Doctrine preached there by, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Pastor Lewis Mellini, and Pastor Don and Rebecca West, on the Greatness of God, and His Love for the world. She’s convinced that she was being divinely prepared for “Such A Time As This.“  


  Her own hardships have led to Elaine having an intrinsic desire to help those in similar situations, and has reached out to the very same New York foundling, where she had to seek emergency shelter when she was 16 years old. She is currently involved with the New York Foundling social workers and counselors. Her goal is to inspire and motivate young women residing there, by sharing her journey of how she overcome numerous challenges in life. 


  The Foundation is her most valuable way of Glorifying God and thanking Him for His Grace, Mercies, and Miracles in her life. She is also graciously paying it forward, to the community that helped her when she was desperately in need of a safe, and secure environment. 

  She believes that no matter where you are in life, it is never too late to turn your circumstances around and achieve your goals. 

   Her passion is that the Foundation can provide a turning point to get those in need, unto a safe and secure path. With the help of generous patrons, she wants to help end the cycle of deprivation in communities across the globe.



1. Make a joyful noise onto God, all ye lands.

2. Sing forth the honor of his name: make his praise glorious.

Psalm 66: 1,2

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