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Hands Holding Me Global Foundation Corp (HHMGF) is a charitable organization that aims to support vulnerable men, women, children the elderly, and widows, through the provision of critical supplies. Through global community outreach and the incredible generosity of its patrons, HHMGF is able to provide essential items to those in need, including prayers, bibles, prayer books, groceries, hygiene products, toiletries, clothing, shoes, and school supplies. This enables them to begin to feel safe again; be it through improving their health and hygiene, feeding their loved ones or feeling prepared for their school day. With safety comes security, and with security comes the road to empowerment.


   No child should face the burden of attending school hungry, or without the necessary materials, they need to succeed. No Mother should have to raise her child alone, without any helping hands to hold her up when huge obstacles are faced. The elderly and widows should be looked after and cared for. In these scenarios and so many more, HHMGF is here to help.

Teen Prayer Group
Teen Prayer Group

Our Core Objectives: 

  1. Promoting high-quality hygiene and safe, secure living conditions.

  2. Empowering and inspiring the wellbeing of men, women and children through education.

  3. Developing a sustainable future for the safety and well being of men, women and children in our global community.


   The Foundation currently operates in the United States, Africa, and Brazil, with a driving goal to continue extending outreach efforts globally. HHMGF would love to reach everyone who needs support, no matter what soil they reside upon. This can only be done with your help.

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Generosity Comes First

The Hands Holding Me Global Foundation Corp is proud to be a charity that ensures the physical items donated go directly to programs that change the lives of those in need. That means you know your generosity is being used to support those in need and that every dollar is put to work on helping them feel safe, secure, empowered and important – bettering the outlook of every single community served by the Foundation.

Our Work is Changing Lives

HHMGF works tirelessly to change lives globally. We are making an impact by lessening the emotional strain by providing basic essentials that provides a sustainable future for the communities we work in.

   To understand more about what we do, we will be posting  photos,  and videos sharing our progress,  and the impact the Foundation is having on the international community. We will also share the strain that the community is facing and our mission is to improve their living conditions.


HHMGF believes that there is nothing we cannot accomplish when we come together as a Nation. The word of the Lord reminds us that Love triumphs all. Together we can make the Global Community a better 

place to be.

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